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The 9 Performance Patterns - The Idealist

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

How To Predict Personality Patterns And Understand What Drives Them So You Can Enhance Trust & Deepen All Your Relationships In Life & Business.

The fourth Performance Pattern in the series of 9 is The Idealist and how it's highest driving needs are the guiding force behind all of behaviour.

The ability to predict behavior gives us an enormous advantage in attaining leverage when we are faced with challenges and how to gain higher levels of success in life and business.

The Idealist is the last Performance Pattern from the category of Emotional Performance and is the deeper side of the emotional landscape.

Using the LifePrintOS and Technology, everybody has the ability to analyze these performance patterns and will instantly know how to access a person's behavior and how to best to enhance each individual pattern.

The Performance Patterns are only the tip of the iceberg and serve only as an entry point and foundational basis in understanding what drives human emotion and hence behavior. For the most part we will express these performance patterns in different arenas of Life; for instance our performance pattern at home is very different(not always) to the performance pattern being expressed at work or socially, how about the performance when doing the things we love as opposed to doing the things we don't, or, how we instinctively respond when put on the spot, under pressure where there's no time to process... what performance pattern emerges then?

The Idealist Performance Pattern

Deep and Mysterious - Highest Driving Need Is Certainty

Growth Mindset Patterns: Idealistic, Inquiring, Refined, Ambitious, Committed, Dependable, Detached, Art lover, Devoted, Conservative, Quiet, Mysterious.

Protective Mindset Patterns: Emotionally Cold , Controlling, Cautious, Expressionless, Anxious, Intense, Temperamental, Radical, Aloof, Reclusive, Judge, Jury and Executioner.

People will experience The Idealist Performance Pattern as a reserved, conservative and principled person. They are private individuals that keep their personal issues and problems to themselves. Idealists are generally overly cautious and don’t give in to speculation or gossip, they will keep unfamiliar people at an arm’s length away or at least until people prove themselves non-judgmental and only then will Idealists let you into their private thought-space and even then you will not get everything no matter how long you have been friends making the Idealist even more mysterious to others.

While it may take them a long time to trust other people, once they do, it is a commitment for life. The Idealist has a wild imagination that if not kept under control will run wild and carrying them away off into their inquiring mind mysteriously wondering as they ponder the deeper meanings behind the world and of life.

Idealists will be very good at any financial endeavours as they have a natural gift and ability to intuitively identify patterns in economic markets, trends, or whatever expertise they have mastered. The Idealist will not acquire wealth for materialistic means, rather, attaining it for security; the more financial security is developed, the more certainty will be established and therefore encouraging behaviour will result. This in turn will settle their anxieties about the future so that they might enjoy delving deeper into the mysteries behind life.

The Idealist will have a love of art in some form or another whether it be film, music, sculpture, theatre or all of it. This passion and love will also give them a natural talent towards creative expressionism.

It doesn’t matter what The Idealist's emotional level is they will always appear calm and slightly detached on the surface not giving away the potential storm that may be brewing

beneath. They will very seldom let people see them cry and prefer to deal with their personal issues alone, behind closed doors and only discussing it with the one at most two people who they trust complicity, and even then this is a big task.

Idealists are typically spiritual seekers, not necessarily religious but can be, however, they will always look for a deeper meaning to life and most conversations. The Idealist has a mysterious look about them and even-though you may distance themselves from others, people will naturally gravitate towards them. This magnetic effect they have on other people immediately calms even the most nervous people down and subdues them, allowing people to feel safe in revealing their deepest secrets and confiding in you. Take note though and be aware, the Idealist may also get sick from not being able to fix the problems of those they care most about and will carry the burdens of others.

Partnerships are taken very seriously and a deep commitment and conservative values are at the forefront for the Idealist. In the reactive cycle this seemingly calm and collected

energy can turn turbulent. As anxiety levels heighten other people may experience their behaviour as becoming overly-controlling of the immediate environment. This ‘over-control’ gives the Idealist a false sense of security and is only there to appease the deep emotions they may be feeling.

The Idealist will prefer to retreat inwards becoming reclusive and processing introspectively and if continually pushed will reveal a radical increase in temperament that can literally drown others in emotional bitterness. They have perfected the art of the cold shoulder. Because of their extremely high values and standards, they may also harbour, grudges and appear aloof or cold in relationships even after breakups.

Underneath it all, the Idealist has a deep sensitivity that takes a long time to recover from any emotional traumas, however they would probably never admit to it.

Advice For Idealists

If you display the Idealist Personality Pattern it is important for you to learn to let things go and let yourself be . To ensure you remain in a pro-active, thriving state it will be of utmost importance for you to develop more certainty within yourself, the level of anxiety and henceforth compulsive control control of others or the environment will be directly proportionate to your level of certainty.

Advice For Interacting With Idealists

To connect on a deeper level with someone who has the Idealist energy don’t pry

into their private life until they open up to you. Give them a lot of space to be alone

and break the silence with some dry humour, be non-judgemental and know you will be tested.

The following knowledge is taught at a more in-depth level as educational training events to deepen your understanding within The LifePrint System helping businesses and individuals to evaluate the needs of their company, team, projects or clients, enhancing natural behavior, talents and abilities and evolving potential to accelerate achievement and success within life and business.

Stay tuned for next weeks Performance Pattern -

The Organiser/Optimizer

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