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Growth Hacking 201

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

How To Hack Your Environment To Instantly Release Stress & Align To A Higher Energy Rich Experience.

The A.A.A System -

This Growth Hack is designed to be used before entering into any conversation or room. I personally have it on the front door of our House as it serves as a reminder for every-time I step into that space, I am more aware and connected to what I want to experience.

It may also be used as part of an add-on to Step 2 of a previous blog I wrote called 5 Habits For High Performance adding another layer to that initial sequence.

High Performers are always looking for ways to hack their environment, consciously creating habits to accelerate growth and experience exceptional performance consistently.

Growth Hack 201

If you do this consistently, the sequence will eventually become subconscious and autonomous, it takes discipline however, the rewards are worth it!

"If you know the Art of Breathing you have the strength, wisdom and courage of ten tigers!" - Chinese Adage

Before you engage in any interaction, before entering a room to interact with other people, do this A.A.A 9 Breath Strategy to experience an enhanced level of awareness and perspective.

Step 1: Affirm - 3 Breathes

Step 2: Ask - 3 Breathes

Step 3: Align - 3 Breathes

Some days are easier than others. On some days I totally suck, some days I do some pretty dumb shit, I give myself permission to because I know, I'm going to fuck up... I am only human, however, I give myself the space to learn and grow from when I do, and when I do, I ensure I find a hack to hold me accountable in the future. For the most part though Life totally fucking rocks and I show up most days better and better as I strive towards what greatness is for me. Don't take my word for it, at the very least do the strategy first and see if it works for you, if not, you've lost nothing.

Here's the Sequence, I would love to know your thoughts, comments and if it's been of any benefit for you.

Step 1 - Affirm

First Breath: Affirm "I release all negativity & judgement."

Second Breath: Affirm "I release my need to blame and complain"

Third Breath: Affirm "I release all the stress from my body"

Step 2 - Ask

Fourth Breath: Ask "What kind of connection do I want to experience"

Fifth Breath: Ask "What actions will I take to experience this?"

Sixth Breath: Ask "What would I say to consciously project this?"

Step 3 - Align

Seventh Breath: Align "To your Heart"

Eighth Breath: Align "To your Soul "

Ninth Breath: Align "To A Higher Purpose greater than Yourself"

Let me know if this works for you in the comments below or contact me if you're interested in a more personalized experience.

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