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The 9 Highest Driving Human Needs Pt 2

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

How To Stop Being An Environmental Reactor So You Can Become An Energetic Generator Of Your Own Experience.

Diving deeper and exploring the 9 Human Needs

If you missed Part 1 you can read it here

If you really want to win at this game called Life then you have to understand the rules in order to score and feel as though Life is happening for you and not too you.

Just imagine how hard it would be to score on a football field if you didn't know the rules, what do you think your odds would be? Yes you would definitely learn through trial and error but just how many of you would give up in the process, out of pure frustration of just not being able to win.

If you're curious to know what the neurochemistry does when you fail, fall short or lose and how to hack failure into success then have a read here.

This is exactly what happens in Life, I see too many people just going through the motions in an attempt to figure it out, if you knew the rules and how to score, would it be easier?

Of course it would be!

Here's a more in-depth look at the 9 Highest Driving Human Needs.

Every decision, action and anything you say MUST be guided by these 3 questions!

Is it good for you? Is it good for others? and, Does it serve the greater good?

These 3 questions alone will keep you in alignment of a proactive and encouraging behaviour set. For more personalised questions to accelerate your growth according to your LifePrint neurological wiring book a complimentary call now.

Remember there will always be two sides to experiencing these needs, either empowering you or disempowering you.

1. Significance/Uniqueness/Importance

We all want to feel as if our life is unique, that we're special in some way, and, that we have purpose and meaning, some people will reach Significance by having power over others, putting them down or feeling superior to them in some way; violence is especially effective for this which is why it's been around forever! Other ways people reach Significance is by having piercings or tattoos that make them stand out, skill-sets that nobody else has or Titles; like a Ph.D. What about a bigger car, thicker bank-roll, there are numerous ways that will give you a sense of importance. We all, all of us want to feel Significant to our partner, our peers and we're all looking for validation and acknowledgment, we all want to know that we matter.

2. Certainty/Security

Everybody needs a base level of Certainty, you need to be certain that there's going to be food in the fridge, running water to drink, a warm bed to sleep in, that your roof is going to hold up and not fall on your head, or the ground isn't going to open up and swallow you whole. Certainty is a form of control, knowing these basic fundamentals gives you a level of control over your life and imparts a feeling of Security and comfortability. People will reach this level of Certainty in different ways; some through having a routine everyday, others through exerting control over people. Certainty at it's real basis is about being comfortable and experiencing a level of safety. But imagine you knew exactly what every single day of the rest of your life would look like, day in and day out, what would happen then? Too much certainty breeds boredom and inertia.

3. Uncertainty/Variety/Adventure/Spontaneity

To offset the level of Certainty or control in our lives we all need Variety, we want to feel excitement and surprise, well at least the surprises that we like anyway, when our car breaks down on the highway that is not a surprise that most would enjoy. All of us want to experience a sense of Adventure and be able to do things spontaneously when we feel inspired or called to do so. For the most part though many people will find difficulty in dealing with levels of Uncertainty in their lives unless they have chosen them. When they just happen, like if you lost your job for instance, where would your next pay-check come from? How would you afford your food, pay for your electricity and running water? All of a sudden there's no Certainty and Uncertainty takes over and for many this, is a terrifying experience. However I want you to know that being able to deal with high levels of Uncertainty forces us to grow as we rise to the Challenge.

4. Connection/Love/Belonging

All of us are searching for love, connection and a sense of belonging. If a baby is not held or touched, he/she will die, lack of physical affection can actually kill babies. ... But touch is even more vital than this: babies who are not held and nuzzled and hugged enough will literally stop growing and-if the situation lasts long enough, even if they are receiving proper nutrition-die... People will pretty much do anything to feel Love, Connection or Belong. Some reach this by having a strong connection to Nature, their religion, pets are a great way too, or, making love you can have total connection. Some people will reach Connection in a reactive way by always having problems that other people have to solve this may also lead to abuse or manipulation especially when this is achieved through Significance/Power.

5. Freedom/Independence

These two are a little different although have the same undertones. Freedom is the ability to come and go as we please, to not feel restricted by borders or boundaries, to say how we feel and act without being judged or persecuted for our views. Freedom is expansive, giving us the feeling of choice and the sense that there is no oppressive force bearing down on us. True Freedom is only attainable when it is not infringing on anybody else's Freedom. Independence is similar however experienced a little differently, Independence is the ability to not be codependent on anyone or anything, to know that you are entirely self-sufficient with the ability to not feel tied down or responsible for others.

6. Growth/Challenges

In order not to feel like a stagnant pool of water that nobody wants to drink from, we need to experience progress, like we're moving forward. If there's no Goal there's no Growth. Without Challenges none of us would be inspired to accomplish half of what humanity has achieved already. Growth is as necessary as breathing and can entail checking off all of the above needs making Growth a powerful motivator.

7. Harmony

We have all experienced moments in our life that seem effortless, as if we're in total flow with everyone, our environment and it's like we're breathing in tune with the Universe. Harmony is the absence of conflict where we're congruent, living in alignment with what we believe and say. Harmony is walking our truth in every aspect where peace and tranquility unite creating a pleasurable experience.

8. Self-Mastery

I have not met a person in all the decades and years I have been alive that does not want, in some way or form, to master themselves. Self-Mastery is the ability to feel fully empowered and in control of your own destiny, to shape and reshape your life and future self. Self-Mastery is the awareness and complete understanding and acceptance of your full spectrum of potential; in all it's forms. It is the ability to influence yourself and activate your inner guidance system(your guru within) and not be reliant on any external doubt inflicting influence.

9. Contribution/Higher Purpose

Contributing beyond ourselves in a meaningful way is really the secret sauce to living a fulfilled life, to feel as though we have a higher purpose that is calling us to leave the garden better than we found it, this mindset will ensure we become better in every way and give us momentum to make a difference. This is about giving with no expectations, from a place of heart with no agenda. That's how you win, if you give with an expectation in return you're not Contributing, you're horse-trading. Contribution knows that we're all in this together and that if in someway it makes life better then it benefits us all!

If you want personalised strategies, so you can move forward faster, accelerate your achievement and live a life of passion and purpose?

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