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The 9 Performance Patterns - The Nurturer/Connector

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

How To Predict Personality Patterns And Understand What Drives Them So You Can Enhance Trust & Deepen All Your Relationships In Life & Business.

The Third Performance Pattern in the series of 9 is The Nurturer/Connector and how the highest driving needs are the guiding force behind all of behavior.

The ability to predict behavior gives us an enormous advantage in attaining leverage when we are faced with challenges and how to gain higher levels of success in life and business.

The next 2 Performance Patterns will come from the Category of Emotional Performance.

Using the LifePrintOS and Technology, everybody has the ability to analyze these performance patterns and will instantly know how to access a person's mindset profile and how best to enhance each individual based on their individual LifePrintOS Mindset Map.

The Performance Patterns are only the tip of the iceberg and serve only as an entry point and foundational basis in understanding what drives human emotion and hence behavior. For the most part we will express these personality patterns in different arenas of Life; for instance our performance pattern at home is very different(not always) to the performance pattern being expressed at work or socially, how about the performance when doing the things we love as opposed to doing the things we don't, or, how we instinctively respond when put on the spot, under pressure where there's no time to process... what performance pattern emerges then?

The Nurturer/Connector Performance Pattern

To Connect And Serve - Highest Driving Need Is Connection

Growth Mindset Performance Patterns: Nurturing, Caring, Quiet, Observant, Cool, Timid, Stable, Homely, Domestic, Social, Reserved.

Protective Mindset Perormance Patterns: Emotional , Tearful, Defensive, Withdrawn, Protective, Stormy, Irrational, Sensitive, Gloomy, Sullen, Moody.

People experience the Nurturer/Connector Personality as a caregiver of people and animals. Their shy yet caring personality will be sensitive to others as they often carry the burdens of others upon their shoulders. Nurturers/Connectors represent the softer side of the emotions and hold personal relationships in very high regard. They are easily recognisable by their soft gentle looking eyes and symmetrical face.

Nurturers/Connectors process on the sensory level of touch and feelings, enjoying hugs and affectionate bonding and preferring long term relationships over one night or short term flings; and typically marriage and family will have high priorities. Being in touch with their emotions means that they are highly intuitive and can often plug into the feelings and vibes of both people and places. Nurturers/Connectors are often able to intuit the predisposition of those around them.

On the flip side, Nurturers/Connectors are prone to paranoia of how other people perceive them as they really dislike being thought badly of, when this becomes intensified it gives them a strong sense of fear around loss, which may turn into a protective instinct when family or friends are threatened.

Nurturers/Connectors are usually seen as secretive, keeping their plans close to their heart

only to reveal them in the last minute, catching those around them off guard. Nurturers value money as it safe guards their driving need for security and so they will tend to avoid any risks or shady investments, rather, saving in a secure manner and and always ready to help others, yet will seldom ask or even accept help from others.

Due to their nurturing energy, they will usually experience a sense of loss stronger

than most and will take longer to recover from the wounding of relationships or

separation. This also leads to a tendency to be emotionally over-involved with family for

the better or worse making Nurturers/Connectors a very good parents, partners or protectors of people.

Nurturers/Connectors do however have a tendency for over protectiveness and even possessiveness when they are in a reactive state. They may even experience themselves as becoming defensive, moody and irrational with their loved ones and will really know how to push on the emotional cords or buttons of those around them.

They have a natural ability to observe their surroundings very subtly and will often be

aware of what is going on around them whilst still being able to stay fully engage in

conversation. Nurturers are often able to stay fully present in one conversation and yet still tune into and follow others.

Advice For Nurturers/Connectors

If you display the NURTURER Personality Pattern it is important for you to always feel connected and receiving love , in order to ensure you remain in a pro-active, thriving state. You must ensure that you care for yourself and nurture yourself first as you’re usually always looking out for everybody else’s best interests and often neglect your own this will give you a strong sense of of emotional security that no matter what happens you will always show up as your best version.

Advice For Interacting With Nurturers/Connectors

To connect on a deeper level with someone who has the NURTURER/CONNECTOR energy then give them a great big hug and let them know how much your heart appreciates

theirs. Ask them is there anything you may do for them as you noticed they are

always doing for others.

The following knowledge is taught at a more in-depth level as educational training events to deepen your understanding within The LifePrint System helping businesses and individuals to evaluate the needs of their company, team, projects or clients, enhancing natural behavior, talents and abilities and evolving potential to accelerate achievement and success within life and business.

Stay tuned for next weeks Performance Pattern -

The Idealist

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