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The 9 Performance Patterns - The Inventor

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

How To Predict Personality Patterns And Understand What Drives Them So You Can Enhance Trust & Deepen All Your Relationships In Life & Business.

The Second Performance Pattern in the series of 9 follows and how the highest driving needs are the guiding force behind all behavior. When discussing behavior it's best to be advised that there are two states of expression; Growth Mindset(encouraging behavior patterns) or Protective Mindset(discouraging behavior patterns).

Please note that there is no good or bad, positive or negative, all human beings come hard wired with a Protective and Growth Mindset otherwise we would have never have survived this long. The Protective Mindset has of late been demonized and many have found themselves at the mercy of a very sick mental health system that doesn't respect the natural order of things.

The ability to predict behavior gives us an enormous advantage in attaining leverage when we are faced with challenges and how to gain higher levels of success in life and business.

Using the LifePrint System and Technology, everybody has the ability to calculate these patterns and will instantly know how to analyze a person's behavior and how to best engage with each individual.

The Personality Patterns are only the tip of the iceberg and serve only as an entry point and foundational basis in understanding what drives human emotion and hence behavior. For the most part we will express these personality patterns in different arenas of Life; for instance our personality pattern at home is very different(not always) to the personality pattern being expressed at work or socially, how about the personality when doing the things we love as opposed to doing the things we don't, or, how we instinctively respond when put on the spot, under pressure where there's no time to process... what personality pattern emerges then?

The Inventor Personality Pattern

To Inspire And Change - Highest Driving Need Is Freedom!

Growth Mindset Performance Patterns: Courteous, Humorous, Extroverted, Analytical, Intellectual, Likes Seeing Results, Enjoys Change, Is Flexible, Chatty, Unemotional, Logic & Lateral Thinker.

Protective Mindset Performance Patterns: Rebellious , Restless, Critical, Sharp Tongued, Intense, Volatile, Stressed, Difficult, Contrary, Energetically Nervous.

The Inventor Performance pattern is often found implementing ideas and is constantly gathering and sharing information. They analyze all subjects and absorb knowledge like a sponge. Inventors have a quick wit and apt sense of humor and are usually found playing harmless practical jokes on people when they become bored.

Inventors have a vastly creative mind and imagination and are often found eloquently sharing colorful stories as they easily capture the minds of their listeners. The Inventor's intellect works at lightning speed and they are able to turn any situation around with such veracity that most other people won’t even have the chance to speak or get a word in edgeways. Calming Inventors down is virtually impossible which is why they are suited to stress and work environments that are intense and demanding. Such as stock market floors, high adrenaline situations. Their quick minds crave excitement and adventure; thriving on nervous and restless energy they are motivated by change and results and sharing ideas and implementing strategies.

Inventors are always reinventing new ways to do or rearrange things as change is a constant and an ever present requirement. They are constantly gathering information be it from the Internet, books, podcasts, radio or the television set… if they can get sit still for long enough to take it all in! Either way, Inventors will always have something under their microscope to analyze.

Born adrenaline junkies and lover of sports; usually playing them, but if not

then watching and of course always commenting as Inventors always have a constructive

critical note. This is not to seem clever but to get a better result or outcome.

Inventors represent communication, intellect, movement, and tension, which can lead them to nervous conditions if there’s no healthy balance.

Inventors must be allowed to express themselves intellectually either via the spoken or

written word. They are super quick to spot mistakes and will not hesitate to point

them out either ensuring it never happens again. It won't just stop there either, they will continue to analyze it from every possible angle until they are sure that the reason for the mistake is understood and will never occur again or until the recipient explodes. Inventors are incapable of ignoring mistakes, even in themselves.

The intense behavior and attention to detail of the Inventor can wear even the most patient person out and may lead to many a broken relationship and friendship however those who can endure the wacky sense of humor and can pin them down long enough, will

discover a deep sensitivity residing within them but then again they have to pin you

down first.

The Inventor represents movement and travel and they are often associated with

the gypsy as change is inevitable. This makes them naturals at sales and at making

friends worldwide as they love people.

Inventors will be excessively fair and try to help wherever they can, however, if someone takes advantage of this, they’ll soon find out how difficult, sharp tongued and volatile they can become perhaps taking a long time before recovering their wits as once the door is closed; it stays that way.


If you are someone with the Inventor energy it will be important for you to ensure you experience variety and change in order to remain in a pro-active, thriving state. Develop more trust with your feelings as your over-analytical mind tends to rationalize them. Don’t ask yourself ’WHY’ instead just say ‘YES'. Learn to get in touch with your feelings instead of getting caught up in the analysis of them.

Advice For Interacting With INVENTORS

To connect on a deeper level with someone who has the INVENTOR energy, invite

them on an adventure, ask them to share a story or any information they have

learned recently.

The following knowledge is taught at a more in-depth level as educational training events to deepen your understanding within The LifePrint System helping businesses and individuals to evaluate the needs of their company, team, projects or clients, enhancing natural behavior, talents and abilities and evolving potential to accelerate achievement and success within life and business.

Stay tuned for next week's Performance Pattern - The Nurturer/Connector

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