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Growth Hacking 101

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

How To Hack The Neurochemistry Of Failure Into Accelerated Growth

Vulnerability is the Key to Accelerated Growth!

Here's a simple 3 step system so you can turn any failure into accelerated growth.

I want you to understand the brain mechanism so that the next time you fail or make a mistake or judge yourself or do some really dumb shit, it doesn’t cripple you! 

I see too many people being debilitated by their failures and mistakes and they are suffering because of it, some for years others for decades. 

Instead I want you to get excited by your failures and mistakes, so that they can instead, accelerate you toward success and fulfillment. 

Would that be of interest to you? 

Then keep reading...

We all do things because we find them rewarding, and part of that operating system that helps us to feel good and motivated is a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Dopamine involves our ability to experience pleasure, modifies behavior, cognition and attention it even affects our sleep, mood and our ability to learn. So it’s fundamental in how we really feel like we’re winning or losing at life which is why when you have something that is bothering you, you struggle to sleep, you’re moody, can’t concentrate and you’re probably just THE BEST person to be around.(Handful of sarcasm.)

The "winner effect" is a term used in biology to describe how an animal that has won a few fights against weak opponents is much more likely to win later bouts against stronger contenders this also applies to humans. Success changes the chemistry of the brain, making you more focused, smarter and more confident…the same goes for losing, when we fail once, we’re more likely to fail again at the same goal… In one study dieters who fed on pizza and were convinced they’d “ruined” their daily diet goal ate 50 percent more cookies immediately afterward than those not on any diets.

When we fall short of our goals once, our brains say “Abandon ship! And explains why one failure can seem to set many others in motion and why some people become crippled by it. 

In fact when we fail the dopamine receptors responsible for their uptake actually get shorter making it more difficult to succeed the next time round.

The only way to get around this is to hack the system so that when you fail the dopamine grows longer making it easier to be successful the next time. 

This is done by demonstrating vulnerability and being accountable for everything. This little adjustment in perception and awareness will make all the difference in shifting from a protective mindset into a growth mindset.

Here's the Sequence, I would love to know your thoughts and comments.

*Step 1 - Accountability: You have to suffocate the need to complain or blame someone, something, or some situation or circumstance, when people are in the blame and complain cycle the brain is in a state of protection and focused on learning about what environmental conditions are responsible for the level of pain and suffering, it’s playing defense and it becomes almost impossible to score l. On top of it all it will then actively look for further evidence to validate why it feels this way and why it always happens; perpetuating the cycle.

When you become accountable and take full responsibility for your part/role, your choices, your decisions, your actions and reactions your brain chemistry focuses internally and immediately looks for solutions to resolve, it moves toward growth so that it knows what to do if the situation occurs again.

*Step 2 - Adaptability: - When you really own and are accountable for everything in your life your brain begins to learn and grow, as it adapts to new environmental conditions and internal stimuli, forming new strategies, you become better in every way. In natural systems the species that adapts the quickest has the greatest chance of survival. 

*Step 3 - Acceleration: - When you become accountable adapt, learn and grow you will accelerate what it is you want to achieve and you will feel great while doing it. Being accountable puts you in driver seat and in control of your own experience.

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