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The 5 Categories Of Human Performance

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

How To Effectively Evaluate Performance | Enhance Natural Talents & Abilities To An Evolved Human

When considering human potential there are 5 categories in which to contemplate 🤔. Typically you will have strengths in two or more of these categories. For the most part people are already familiar with two of these categories mainly IQ and EQ however not too much attention is focused on the others.

“A wise-man learns from his mistakes”, “A genius learns from everyone else's”

The Categories of Human Potential are listed as follows:-

(Each category of human potential will always have two phases)

- Intellectual Performance IP

- Emotional Performance EP

- Motivational Performance MP

- Physical Performance PP

- Transformational Performance TP

Intellectual Performance - IP

“The more you let go of what you think you know, the more you’ll learn and grow.”

The first phase of Intellectual Performance is the ability to creatively generate and express new ideas, inspiring others to become enthusiastic and believe in the idea so therefore, certainty and assertiveness go hand in hand and are natural traits of Intellectual Potential.

The second phase is the ability to gather, unemotionally analyze and then share knowledge and information. Inventing new systems and processes are natural talents that are innate to Intellectual Performance along with lateral thinking and communication.

Emotional Performance - EP

“Service of Self Improves Your Service To Others ," "Service To Others Will Improve Yourself.”

The first phase to Emotional Performance is the ability to care for and nurture others however if you are unable to care for yourself you will be of no use to others. Connection is the highest driving need for those expressing emotional potential, natural abilities include empathy which is the observation of emotively and compassionately feeling others and intuition a physical sensation determining the right course of action or decision based on an emotive knowing.

The second phase is the ability to be introspective, self reflection and the ability to go through a process of internal evaluation.

Motivational Performance - MQ

“Motivation cares not for opinions only for the achievement of its Belief.”

Firstly Motivational Potential is the epitome of organisation, the ability to create order from chaos and remain optimistic in the face of adversity. It's natural talent is to foresee the end result of any project and all the necessary steps in-between and be candidly direct about what actions are required to achieve it. Motivational potential expresses itself by doing first and then showing others how to do it. The second phase is the attainment of balance and tranquility through compassionately influencing others through good negotiation skills ensuring all opinions are considered and all sides win.

Practical Performance - PQ

“Research is at the forefront of any idea that is to reach completion.”

As you may have already guessed the first phase of practical performance is the research and attainment of factual evidence, its ability to investigate and gain perspective on all three sides of a coin not just 2 this sets in motion futuristic ideas that may be hard for most to comprehend as it is by its very nature prophetic and at its core has the ability to foresee all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle coming together and leads to phase two the absolute obsession, actualisation and completion through demonstrating its natural abilities of patience, support and the natural ability to work diligently using worldly-wise experience.

Transformational Performance - TQ

“The world through the eyes of a child is limitless.”

The final category of human performance has only one phase as it is the embodiment of all the potentials that have come before it or more accurately emerge out of it. Transformational Performance at its heart has the natural ability to forgive others and still remain trusting and vulnerable; always believing in the best of others. Transformational Performance has the natural ability of higher functioning intuition bypassing all the major nerves and arteries and gets down to the very bone and root of any problem offering solutions yet can’t explain the process of how it got there although just intuitively knows all the information and that the solution is right! If the solution is right, does it really matter how you got there?

I would love to know what you think your TOP 2 Categories Are?

Want to know more about your Personalized Performance Profile so you can activate and enhance your natural talents and abilities?

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