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5 Habits For High Performance

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

How To Instantly Get Focused And Centered To Achieve Greatness!

To achieve greatness we require conscious consistency; what separates high performers from everybody else is that they are conscious habit creators as opposed to, unconscious habit victims we see in under-performers.

High performers will actively seek new habits that bring them closer towards their desired outcome and mastery; implementing them on a daily basis until it becomes an automatic muscle-memory response and the impulses are locked into the very atoms of their experience.

Here are 5 conscious high performance habits that will form the foundation of a start sequence and must be followed in order so you can begin to step into greatness.

  • Intention

  • Breathing

  • Generate Energy

  • Eliminated Distraction - Activated Action

  • Celebration

1. Intention

“Never underestimate THE POWER OF INTENTION! Your thoughts, your words are the keys to your FUTURE!”

Before you begin anything that will be of any merit and especially if you are aiming for high caliber results the story of why and for what purpose you are doing what you are doing plays the ultimate role. Intention is the weaver that produces the very fabric of your reality, when athletes speak of being in the zone, an experience that is described as complete flow, time dilates, muscle-memory is autonomic and an innate ability to predict patterns and respond with intuitive instincts, the environment and athlete become one in an energetic dance of potent performance potential. For the rest of us we experience these moments when external environmental stress causes these states to occur, this can be a car accident or an emotional trauma even a heightened joyful experience on a roller coaster or passionate sex. Don't get me wrong a CEO or executive uses the energetic equivalent to an elite athlete which is why work life balance is so important.

The difference is High Performers WILL this experience into action, they don't wait for the environment to trigger the experience, they control the trigger to activate and generate the feelings that lead to this experience and it all starts with Intention.

Exercise - Imagine the ultimate result in your mind for the task at hand and ask yourself "For what purpose am I doing this?, "What does it mean to me?", "What is my intended positive outcome I want to achieve by doing this?, " How would achieving this make me feel in my body?" Then set your intention by aligning with your purpose and move on to step two.

2. Breathing

"If you know the Art of Breathing you have the strength, wisdom and courage of ten tigers!" - Chinese Adage

Once you know why you're doing what your doing and what it means to you when you achieve that outcome, focus on those feelings and breathe them through to every cell of your body. In Daoist and Chinese Medicine the breath is the energetic distribution channel of the body, focused willful breathing is what brings the intention and aligns it with the physiological chemistry of the body, when we are willfully breathing our intention throughout the body every cell is updated with the information of what to expect and how good it would feel when that what it is we want most is achieved and instantly sets about creating the environmental conditions necessary for that to be fulfilled.

Studies show that even the conscious decision to go running in the evening, just the thought alone and the body will begin to create the physiological changes in preparation for that run, even if you don't go.

3. Generate Energy

"By generating energy or 'giving' out to the field, the field in turn will feed you back, the secret sauce is are you willing to receive?"

Scientific fact, the mass of the vacuum fluctuation inside a proton is equal to the mass of the known universe - Nassim Haramein.

There are 7 billion billion billion of those protons in the average 70kg person, meaning there is enough power and information inside of you to generate an incredible amount of energetic potential. When you are aligned to your purpose and you know what it means to you and you are willingly breathing and distributing that energy throughout your body and the body is activating it's innate energetic awareness the feeling is electric.

4. Eliminate Distraction & Activate Action

Distractions destroy Actions! If it's not moving you towards your purpose, leave it alone.

Focus comes from eliminating all distractions, no email sounds, facebook, phone calls, whatsapp or texts, no playstation, or binge series watching... NOTHING, this will keep you in the zone and the generation of energy activating in your system will charge each action with that energy rich source, the quality of result that will now be produced from this heightened energy rich state will be far superior than any action taken without it.

5. Celebration

"The neurotransmitter that receives Dopamine, one of the reward chemicals in the brain grows longer when you are successful and actually grows shorter if you fail... Essentially making it harder to succeed the next time."

Always celebrate, no matter how small, never set an objective that is unrealistic or impossible to reach, always set an objective that is a stretch and then break that down into smaller victories to celebrate along the way. The more you celebrate the more you will succeed because those successes are being hard wired physiologically into your body and brain for more of that experience and therefore the longer the dopamine receptors grow the easier it becomes to be successful.

Want more personalized strategies so you can more forward and accelerate your achievement?

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