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Integrative Solutions for Mind Body Soul - Mental, emotional, physical and Soul formulas and practical strategies to assist, optimize and support you to move beyond your own limitations or resolve the psychic bondages preventing your Soul from soaring.

- Price On Application -
Each successful application is based on an evaluation of what's neccessary to stabilize and optimize a Human Operating System, Family Or Business.


The HumanOS Evaluation Covers:

Physical Health - Aches & Pains, Longevity, Flexibility, Stability, Symptoms
Emotional Health - Traps & Triggers, Past Patterns, Emotional Behaviors
Mental Health - Beliefs Systems, Self Worth, Discipline, Worldview
Spiritual Health - Entities, Possesions & Psychic Attacks, Soul Work, Soul Retrieval, Soul Connection, Interdimensional Soul Work, Soul Resolution.

Integrative Solutions MBS

  • Helping Humans reach their brilliance
    Price-On-Application (Evaluation Dependent)

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