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- What You Get -

📱Your Personal LifePrintOS Mindset App
All your analytics online including Daily, Monthly & Yearly Cycles Forever 
(Value $97)

📕Your Personal 20+ Page Mindset Report 
(Value $47)


🗺 Your Personalized Yearly Strategy With Monthly Breakdown Live/Recorded With Justin. 


Energy is the currency of life and we all experience the ebbs and flows of this underlying current. Knowing when you are energetically capable and when you are close to burn-out is a powerful resource when considering new projects or micro-managing your responsibilities within any current project or commitment, if the current life experience is becoming too overwhelming then under performance and poor life quality will be the result and value rapidly plummets.


The LifePrintOS identifies life cycle patterns giving you the advantage of knowing when to start new projects or take new directions, the most suitable time to focus on relationships and self-care, the best times to be focused and push, when's best to hold back and wait for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together, when to make decisions, who the current energetic leaders are and which one's may need more coaching or Life-work balance.approx. 90 mins (Value $497)


🚀 1 X Personalized Integrative Strategy & Mentoring SessionPersonalized Consciousness based strategies to support your Year, clearing any stagnant emotional blockages, mental barriers and physiological processes that will accelerate and anchor in your new plan and yearly map.approx. 90mins (Value $497)


Bonus: 📹 All Audio Recordings So You Don't Forget A Thing and have a reference for future. (Value $Priceless)

2021 Implementor Comeback Special

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