Passionate About Inspiring Others

A journey of 1000 experiences begins with a single footstep and if you are to achieve your dreams and live the life I truly believe you deserve then remember this.

"The skill-set without the mindset will leave you upset...
The mindset without the skill-set will leave you broke."

Imagine for a moment what it would be and feel like to be fully empowered, where you have absolute certainty in your talents, abilities and your passion is being expressed through living a life full of Purpose and Meaning, when you embody the courage and unshakable determination melding your skills and mindset together, harmoniously achieving the ultimate life you've dreamed of, imagine what it would be like, feel like and what it would sound like to wake up to this experience every morning.

The biggest advantage in achieving the bold and aspiring life in the above vision, whatever that looks like for you, will be your ability to follow the 3 E's.


Evaluate - Your needs necessary for fulfillment

Enhance - Your natural talents and abilities to generate needs

Evolve - Love your life, be in effortless flow and alignment

  • LifePrint Founder, Analyst & Unified Activator

  • Orthopedic Evaluation

  • Gray Institute 3DMAPS Evaluation

  • Cranial Fascial Release

  • BodyTalk

  • Daoist Energy Medicine Practitioner

  • Reciprocal Dynamics

  • Fascial Energetics

  • Structural Integration

  • Microbiome - Quantum Biology

  • Timelines

  • Constellations

  • Robbins-Mandanes Interventionist

  • Matrix Energetics

  • High Performance Athlete Competition Preparation

  • Results Coaching

  • Mentorship

  • Family Coach

  • People Analytics

  • Doaist Medicine - Prof. Jerry Alan Johnson

  • Bio-Dynamics and Sports Performance Dr Richard Stuart

  • Macro-cosmic Body-Mind

  • Body Ecology and The Microbiome Dr. Laura Stuve

  • Principles of Consciousness and the Body-Mind Complex

  • Matrix Dynamics for Groups, Businesses Performance

  • Resonance Science Academy Unified Field Physics Dr William Brown, Nassim Haramein, Dr. Amria Val Baker

  • Gray Institute 3DMaps Applied Performance Analysis System

  • Gray Institute Certified Applied Functional Movement

  • Dr Bruce Lipton & Dr Darren Wiseman Art & Science Of Shifting Consciousness


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