LifePrintOS Unified Soul Journey Security

- 7 night stay on an exclusive Private Island just for LifePrintOS Crew
- breakfast every morning nourish yourself with freshness
- dinner every evening shared together
- transportation, transfers to and from the airport and island

- 5 days of training start time 14:00pm - 23:00 daily yes you have all morning to relax and explore and have fun

- LifePrintOS Journal
- LifePrintOS Soul User Manual including never before released Higher-Self Senses
- LifePrintOS Unified Soul Journey Method & Application
- Practical Hands On Facilitations

- LifePrintOS Tuning fork
- Morning Yoga & Qigong - not mandatory if you like you sleep we get it!

LifePrintOS Unified Soul Journey Security

CHF 997.00Price