A 3 Day Experiential Practitioner/Facilitator Event revealing the very fabric and structure of the LifePrint System integrating with other energy healing modalities to enhance and evolve human potential.

Learn how to evaluate, harness and enhance your talents and abilities by combining your other modalities with The LifePrint System. If you've taken LifePrint and are a Reiki Master/Practitioner, BodyTalker, Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Kinesiology, Access Bars, Cranial Sacral, or other similar practice.

Justin will be doing personal Facilitations and you'll be getting loads of practical, hands on training, expanding space for debriefs and Q&A's

LifePrint - Energy Medicine Integration

CHF 900.00Price
  • This Event developed by Justin Damian Furness entails teachings from some of the greatest minds the world has known from Carl Jung, Maslow, Ken Wilber to Nassim Haramein, Bruce Lipton, Sebastian Seung, Robert Lanza; both old and new.


    The system is based on 12 years of research into the fields of eastern medicine, developmental psychology, energy psychology, vortex based mathematics, hyper-dimensional torsion physics, unified physics, sacred geometry and the latest research and developments in neuroscience, new biology and consciousness; mind, body and spirit all play an integral role in our genetic, energetic and perceptive make up.


    This Live Event will empower you with strategies to practically integrate The LifePrint System in to your current energy/alternative/holistic practice.


    After LifePrint – Energy Medicine Integration

    The participant will be able to understand and integrate The LifePrint System into their current model and protocol of practice, facilitate a combined LifePrint and Other Modality Facilitation and be well versed in the unified physics model of transformational changework.


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