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Meet The Man And His Revolutionary
“D.O.T & LifePrint operating Systems”


Some people call Justin Damian Furness the “Coaches Coach” Others call him the “Mr Magic” or “ The Worlds BEST High Performance Trainer” Justin’s career is an all encompassing tour de force of The Human Body, Mind and Soul-Spiritual Experience.

His accomplishments and unique facilitation and training systems are his clients secret weapons and have frequently been used by Fortune 500 Companies and Executives.

For over 15 years, his live events, strategies and systems have empowered starters and pros alike to Decide, Optimise and Transcend what they thought was impossible.

His proven track record, mechanisms and methods of achieving High Performance Results and Success has secured him clients and executives from Google, Nestle, Dermalogica, Capital Legacy Group and Champions League Footballers to name a few.

He’s presented on stages worldwide founded and created an International Coaching Certification with his LifePrint Operating System and methodology for reading minds for real based on S-O-R (The Science Of Resonance) empowering people to soar to new heights in their lives and develop relationships that last a lifetime. 

Justin's D.O.T System ensures a bespoke change management system that guarantees success without the struggle.


But none of those “bragging rights” or “claims to fame” really matter much to Justin. See… the real reason so many people seek him out, and the reason you’ve probably never heard his name come up more than once isn’t any of those things.  It's because he's a secret weapon and prefers anonymity over fame.  He shines when you do! Are you ready to shine?

Justin’s real gift for everyone, including you, if you’re looking to clarify the purpose in your life, connect deeper to yourself and the ones you love and serve and experience more, is his LEGENDARY D.O.T & LifePrint Operating Systems. 


Top level executives that need to perform under immense pressure, practitioners, mommy-preneurs, international speakers and athletes like, Coach AK, Ricardo Rodriguez and Lynn Teachworth, ALL hale Justin as a source of their methods and success.


It’s his students and their accomplishments that tell the tale and explain why you

NEED TO LEARN THE SECRETS of this man’s game-changing, life altering systems – IMMEDIATELY.


Transferable SYSTEMS spotlight

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Justin's H.o.s.t Human Operating System Training
Leverage YOUR Longevity | Live Your Legacy | Leave A dynasty

JUSTIN Will Hold Your Hand Step-By-Step To Go From Procrastination To progress...

Mentor, Justin Damian Furness teaches people with no previous experience or self development training to go from stress to success in 4-7 days or less...

Physics product.jpg

The complete Physics of high performance Program
multiple proprietary systems & strategies that turn pressure into progress

JUSTIN Will transfer the skill-set that will empower your mindset to develop your own success.

If you truly want to be a student and ultimately master the science and art of high performance systems and coaching, mindset and skillset mastery, this is the program for you.  You'll get the full curriculum revealing Justin's move-by-move process to design your own...


Become A Certified Coach In The Lifeprint operating systeM
change management and talent Development system

Imagine having the skill-set to ethically and morally read anyones mind, to know how a person thinks, feels and how they are going to act under stress?
What if you could connect the dots that leads to their heart and Soul, and know, what it is they need to feel valued, fulfilled and no matter what, be successful in the world! 


Would that be of interest to you, how would that improve your relationships, to your children, to your partner or spouse or how about in business? Do you think that would give you the inside edge that would lead you to better and greater opportunities that could potentially make all the difference for you and your family?  I want you to be empowered with the mindset and skill-set to clarify your communication and connect to the hearts and minds of the people you love and serve so they can be the best version of themselves.

How Can I Assist You?

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